Snow Transformation Pack

Snow Transformation Pack 1.0

Transform Windows 7 or Vista into Snow Leopard

Snow Transformation Pack is the perfect visual theme for those who love Macs but for some reason are stuck with Windows computers. View full description


  • Fully functional dock
  • Highly detailed transformation


  • Long installation with multiple system restarts

Very good

Snow Transformation Pack is the perfect visual theme for those who love Macs but for some reason are stuck with Windows computers.

This is, in fact, more than just a visual theme. Not only does Snow Transformation Pack change graphic details in your system – such as the background wallpaper, logon screen, system icons and cursors – but it also adds extra apps to resemble the Mac OS even more faithfully – like the popular Dock or the Spaces functionality.

The results achieved with Snow Transformation Pack are thus quite impressive – at least for a visual theme. The Windows toolbar moves to the top of the screen to emulate Mac’s menu bar, and replaced with a fully functional dock. All Windows system icons are Mac style, and Snow Transformation Pack also allows you to skin all the apps you use with a Mac look as well.

Having a Windows computer with Snow Transformation Pack is obviously not the same as having a real Mac, but at least it looks more or less like the real deal. The only thing you’ll have to put up with is a painful installation that requires at least three system restarts.

If you’d like to use a Mac but for some reason you’re stuck with Windows, Snow Transformation Pack can make things a bit easier for you.

Snow Transformation Pack


Snow Transformation Pack 1.0

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  • "help"

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    "Snow Transformation Pack"

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  • eqtmgr

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    "I need help"

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  • franky444

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